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How to cook and store avocados

How to cook

To cut an avocado, you need to cut it in a circle along the pit, separate the halves from each other, and remove the pit. Do not cut off the peel – it is easily separated from the pulp with a tablespoon. The thick rind can be used as a salad bowl. To prevent the flesh from darkening, sprinkle it with citrus juice – preferably lime juice.

Avocados are nutritious and easily digestible food. For those who need a lot of energy during the day to work or, for example, to climb Kilimanjaro, we recommend a popular and healthy dish: an avocado (unpeeled) is cut lengthwise into two halves, a pit is taken out, and sunflower, olive or ghee is poured into the hole. butter, sprinkle with pepper and salt and eat with a spoon.

In the homeland of avocados, Mexico, the most famous and popular avocado dish is guacamole sauce. To make guacamole at home, peel 1 avocado, cut in half and remove the pit. Now peel the small onion and half the bell pepper. Put it all in a mixer, add a small chili, a tomato, a little salt, a couple of tablespoons of olive or refined sunflower oil, half or a quarter of a peeled lemon – and grind coarser. The resulting sauce is served with corn tortillas, as well as rice and thin steaks.

In Miami, avocado is used to make ice cream . Avocados are mixed with frozen milk composition and fruits. It turns out from it a wonderful cocktail – milk coffee plus a small amount of cognac or rum. There is a cocktail Fierce martinakanets (Féroce Martiniquais) – with avocado, onion, garlic, parsley, chilli and boiled cod. Although this is more likely a soup.

By the way, there are quite a few soups with avocado on the American continent.

If avocados are added to hot dishes, then only at the very end, a couple of minutes before being cooked. If you keep it on fire longer, the avocado will become bitter. Examples of hot dishes are avocados in flour breaded and fried in olive oil; risotto with avocado


In Russia, the largest number of avocado varieties on store shelves is in late autumn – early winter. At this time, Israeli avocados are invariably in stores. However, the matter is, of course, not limited to Israel.

The avocado season from Israel begins in early autumn and continues throughout the winter and spring. The California avocado season lasts all year, and the Florida season lasts from late fall to late spring. In South Africa, the avocado season begins in April and lasts for several months. In South and Central America, the seasons differ for different varieties. Ultimately, avocados are available all year round .

How to choose and store

The fruit should be of a uniform color – green, dark green, green-brown or almost black – but without any spots or damage to the skin. But it is difficult to determine ripeness by the color of the pulp. The fact is that avocados come in several varieties, with different pulp – both yellow and light green.

It is better to buy avocados unripe; at home they will reach condition, but overripe ones taste rancid due to rotten fats. To ripen the avocados at home, put the fruits in a paper bag or wrap them in paper towels, and then put them in a cool, dark place for 2-4 days. Apples or bananas can help speed up the ripening of avocados. Place avocados and bananas or apples in a paper bag, punch a few holes in it, and store in a dark place.

The best avocados that can be bought in stores are Israeli ones (ettinger, haas, reed, fuerte, pinkerton varieties). Good avocados are brought from South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Spain. Some connoisseurs consider the most delicious small round avocados with a lumpy dark skin. However, there may be different opinions on this matter.

Avocado darkens quickly enough, in which case lemon juice will help you. If you use only half of an avocado, then the second (with a bone) can be stored in the refrigerator for another 1-2 days, sprinkled with lemon juice and wrapped in plastic wrap.

The avocado seed can be buried in a flower pot and you will have a beautiful evergreen tree with a thick trunk, long branches and very large leaves. The bone is unsuitable for other purposes, it is tasteless and even poisonous.


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